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Port Credit Yacht Club, 4 Sisters Regatta

July 17-18, 2010

This past weekend the whole KYC race team travelled up to Port Credit for the 4 Sisters regatta. The two day event had over 100 competitors, and KYC had an amazing showing!!

The first day the athletes experienced crazy weather. It started as a clear day, but then as it continued storm systems began moving through. We experienced hail, fog and thunder. However even with the weather the 29ers and lasers managed to finish one race. In the 29er Fred Scott and Aidan Ross finished with a fifth. On the laser course Ryan Sousa also had a fifth, and Richard Millison had a 13th. Unfortunately more bad weather forced the Race Committee to abandon the 420 race.

The second day had clear skies and a decent breeze. Every fleet got 4 races in before the end of the day. While some had a tough start in the light wind others found their groove early, and everyone finished the day on a positive note, and smiles on their face. In the 420 fleetBerg Ellemers and Ali tenHove finished 4th overall with a 2nd in their last race. Close behind was Ross Murdoch and James Hickey in 8th, with an exciting in in the last race. Emma MacRae and Maddy Ross had a tough start but ended the day with a 15h to put them in 29th overall. Duncan Cruickshanks and Rosalyn Dunkley had a great learning experience and a lot of fun and finished in 40th. In the 29er fleet Fred Scott and Aidan Ross were excited to race against other boats. They finished 6th overall and are looking to move up in the fleet as the season goes on. In the laser radial Ryan had an amazing regatta with two 5ths in the five races, and finished 10th overall. Richard Millison was not far behind in 19th with a third as his best finish.

Congratulations to the entire team for their amazing performances this past weekend at the 4 Sisters Regatta, in Port Credit!

Sarnia Sailfest Athlete Reports

This past weekend we were at Sarnia Sailfest. My skipper, Berg Ellemers, and I sailed in the 420 class which had 15 boats total. The first day had about 8 - 12 knots. We had all top three finished. We were battling it out with another boat from Buffalo Canoe Club. After the first day they were only one point ahead! However the second day there was no wind! We ended up waiting out on the water for four hours. In the end we didn't get to race, so the results from the previous day stood, and we finished second. We were very happy since this was our first regatta in the 420 together. We're very excited for our next regatta in Port Credit next weekend. Our goal is to beat the boat from BCC! Bring it on!!

--- Ali tenHove

The Sarnia regatta this year was a really fun experience for me, especially since it was my first regatta ever. The tee-shirt explains very effectively what we did in Sarnia : eat, camp, race. It felt really good to be a part of the team and just having fun, and the experience was overall a fulfilling one.

--- Ros Dunkley

There were only five races sailed by the end of the regatta in Sarnia. There was only one day of racing because sunday was to light, and there was no consistent breeze. On Saturday the wind was 7-12 knots, but the current made the races long. Overall the regatta was a great experience.

--- Ross Murdoch

This weekends regatta in Sarnia was a little bit disappointing for me. I did not race up to my full potential and placed in 32nd, a position I was not satisfied with. I think this was because I did not train hard enough in light air, and did not have a game plan to get up wind as quickly as possible regardless of the current. I think with more lightwind training and experience I will be able to improve my light wind racing.

---Ryan Sousa

Being new to racing my partner and my own expectations of the experience were completely different to the reality of the regatta. Sailing with many different boats from different places was the most exciting for me. Our goal was to not finish last , and we achieved it by finishing twelfth of fifteen boats. Rosalyn and I learned a lot and look forward to our upcoming regattas.

---Elizabeth Rouget

This was my first 420 regatta. I twas skippering and Ali was crewing. During this regatta I learned that communication is very important when sailing doublehanded. For example us when I was pinching , and not noticing, Ali would tell me ti bear off. Over all I felt good about this regatta. We finished 2nd and I had tons of fun!!

---Berg Ellemers

Sarnia Sailfest Results:

420 - 2nd Berg Ellemers and Ali tenHove

5th Ross Murdoch and James Hickey

12th Elizabeth Rouget and Rosalyn Dunkley

Radial - 5th Hugh MacRae

10th Vilot Stafford

21st Meghan Rutitis

22nd Jeremy Clark

36th Ryan Sousa

Laser - 4th Matt Sullivan

5th Ian Hill

8th Neil Roberts

For complete results please see this link : Sailfest Results

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